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Brown Bag Training is designed to assist session owners with their content development and session preparation efforts. Brown Bags are open to all WPC speakers and content owners. Take one or take them all. 

Look for these new trainings in April and May. When available, click on the vcal icon for any sessions you are interested in below.

Designing High Scoring WPC Sessions            
PowerPoint and recording now available!
The starting point for developing a high-value partner session is defining what you want your partner audience to be able to do better as a result of attending your session. In this Brown Bag you will learn how to write learning objectives that will help you effectively market the value of your session and ensure the content delivers tangible benefits to your audience.

Best Practices in Story Telling            
PPT and Recording now available!

Guest Speaker Julie Simpson of Microsoft partner Resource IT will explain a proven STORY methodology for building and evolving you WPC presentation. Designed to help you captivate and motivate your audience, you will gain insight into a structured way of building and delivering outstanding content that drives your desired outcomes. Julie is a member for the WPC Partner Engagement Board, Member of the Partner Experience PAC, seasoned WPC presenter and 13-time WPC attendee.

4 Surefire Ways to Drive Audience Engagement
PPT and Recording now available!
Are you interested to elevate the experience of your next presentation? It takes a lot of preparation and practice to deliver a high quality and engaging presentation. Apart from having an outstanding presenter, the content must be accurate and relevant that brings value to attendees.

Let Dux Raymond Sy, AvePoint Public Sector CTO and Microsoft Regional Director & MVP, mentor you on how to deliver dynamic presentations. Dux has led presentation skills mentoring programs for various organizations and events since 2000 including Microsoft Project Conference 2012. More importantly, Dux has a background in instructional design, executive coaching and has subject matter expertise in various Microsoft technologies. He has presented to over 10,000 people worldwide and his sessions have been consistently ranked among the top.

Using Microsoft Pulse for Audience Interaction
Recording now available!

Chelsey Feldman, from the Microsoft Pulse team, will give us an overview of how you can use Microsoft Pulse to make your WPC more interactive. Chelsey will give a short demo and answer any questions you have.

There are a number of resources also available to help you understand the options for using Pulse. If this is something you are planning for your sessions, you may want to have a look at these resources prior to the call so you can have your questions ready.

Pulse resources:

Opening with a Bang and Closing with Purpose
PPT and Recording now available!
Building an interesting and creative opening is critical to ensuring your session stands out and closing strong helps to ensure your session will stick. In this Brown Bag we will explore the 10 best session openers and discuss the formula for a strong closing.

Interactivity Tricks and Tips
PPT and Recording now available!
The easiest way to inject more learning into conference style sessions is to allow time for partner interaction and feedback. Learn how to facilitate and the types of questions that generate the best discussions. 

Creating compelling Panel Discussions & Onstage Interviews
PPT and Recording now available!

If you’re planning to host a panel or conduct onstage interviews during your WPC session, this brown bag with help with guidance on how to design, build, moderate and rehearse for moderated debates, panels and interviews. 

Draw a Crowd through effective TED Talks and Expo Presentations
PPT and Recording now available!
Want to stand out in the Expo?  We will review the formula and proven WPC best practices for delivering short sessions that have a big impact.

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Business-Focused Learning Objectives - Session Recording Available!

A Well-defined Storyboard - Session Recording Available!

Interactive Elements - Session Recording Available!

Use & Preparation of Stories - Session Recording Available!

Creative Open & Close - Session Recording Available!

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WPC 2016 is offering speaker training, provided by Ovation Communication, open to all WPC registered speakers. There are two Speaker Training options available with the following details.

Option 1: In-Person Training with On-site Support at WPC

The in-person training is fast-paced, highly interactive, in a small group format. Speakers will learn essential presentation skills, how to deal with stage fright, presentation storytelling techniques and a foolproof rehearsal process. If you’ve attend Ovation’s training in the past you are welcome back - the training has been updated for 2016.

While on-site at WPC you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your trainer for a one-on-one or group rehearsal. Your trainer may also attend your session and schedule a Post-Mortem at your convenience.

Time and Location for In-Person Speaker Training

Sign-up details: If you are a WPC speaker, contact your internal WPC Content Lead for openings.


Option 2: Virtual Speaker Coaching with On-site Support at WPC

A WPC-registered speaker, partners or a group of speakers may schedule a one-hour virtual coaching session prior to WPC. Sessions may include development and/or rehearsal time as needed.

While on-site at WPC you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your trainer for a one-on-one or group rehearsal. Your trainer may also attend your session and schedule a Post-Mortem at your convenience.

Virtual Speaker Coaching is available June 27 – July 8 online

Select a time and Request a Meeting for an hour with an Ovation speaker coach at this link: http://doodle.com/WPC-2016.

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"When I first signed up to be a speaker at WPC, I was nervous and unsure of myself. I didn’t know how big my audience was going to be and wasn’t quite sure on how to present my content. Ovation speaker training gave me an entire arsenal of tools that I could use to present effectively. They gave me the confidence I needed and helped me refine my presentation to be more engaging. I go back every year to practice and hone my presentation skills. If you haven’t gone through Ovation speaker training, sign up today!"

Gabe Long, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Office Marketing Team, Microsoft

“Ovation in-person training is an awesome training session for any WPC speaker looking for self-improvement and to deliver a high ranking session. I use to spend lot of time building, polishing and practicing how to deliver the content for WPC sessions. Ovation coaching helped me realize that while content is important, it is 7% of what an attendee is looking for in a session. It helped me focus on the other 93% subsequently, and my last two WPC sessions have been rated in the top 20 WPC sessions – thank you Ovation. It is one of the few trainings that is highly practical oriented, where you are able to realize, within the first hour, the areas for self-improvement. It is amazing to note that by the end of training you are able to observe and realize how much self-improvement you have made as a speaker. If you are seasoned public speaker or a first time speaker – Ovation training is not to be missed.”

Daniel I Karuppiah, Director, US Cloud + Enterprise, Microsoft


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